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Apprentice wages are usually set as a percentage of the tradespersons rate on the site that you are working.

As you advance through each year, level or relevant percentage of competencies you are entitled to a wage increase. You may even get a better rate if you have completed Year 11 or 12.

It is important to check the industrial instrument that applies to workplace to make sure you are being paid the right amount. If you aren’t sure where this is, have a chat with your delegate or organizer who can help.

The minimum award rates for apprentices are below:
Completed Year 10 or less   
Stage 1 between $ 6.80 to $8.61           
Stage 2 between $ 9.23 to $10.07           
Stage 3 between $ 12.17 to $12.75                
Stage 4 between $ 14.68 to $15.34           

Adult Apprentices (over age 21 at commencement)
Stage 1 between $12.75 to $13.76
Stage 2 between $13.60 to $14.60
Stage 3 between $14.27 to $15.44
Stage 4 between $15.29 to $16.78

If you aren’t being paid these rates contact the union immediately!

Tool Allowance
Depending on what your trade is and the industrial instrument that covers you, you may be entitled to a tool allowance from your employer. This can be in the form of a weekly payment, a lump sum on achievement of an apprenticeship level or the supply of tools.

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