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Training Plan

The purpose of a Training Plan is to:

    1.    Record and reflect the agreement of the parties (the employer and the apprentice) in relation to the scope and nature of learning to be undertaken in the Training Contract and the qualification outcome to be achieved

    2.    Record the agreement of the parties as to the methodology for achieving the qualification including:
a) the mode of any training delivery
b) the scope and nature of on job learning, support and mentoring to be provided and the manner in which that is to
c) be integrated with any training delivery
d) competency milestones anticipated
e) the mode and timetable anticipated for assessment and wage progression

    3.    Set out the process to be adopted by the parties to monitor progress, review and adjust the Training Plan to reflect the changes required by and agreed to by the parties to the Training Contract

    4.    Form an integral and enforceable part of the Training Contract

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