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Job training

On-the-Job Training for apprentices

Your Training Contract obliges the employer to provide “work that is relevant and appropriate” to the trade you are apprenticed. This is to ensure that the apprentice gets enough relevant practical experience to achieve the skills and competency of their trade. If you are consistently not being given work that is relevant to your trade or only given a limited range of work, contact your organiser or call the Helpdesk on the free call number below. The Training Plan, which is attached to the Training Contract specifies how training and assessment is carried out and is binding on the employer and you as the apprentice, so it’s worth getting it right!

Off-the-Job training for apprentices

Any off-the-job training component must also be specified in the Training Plan and must be delivered by a Registered Training Organisation, generally TAFE, although it may be a private Registered Training Organisation (RTO). The employer is required to release the apprentice on full pay to attend off the job training, generally day or block release.

Full-time and part-time apprentices must be paid for any time spent doing training or assessments for their training contract.

School-based trainees don’t get paid for training. They get an hourly rate for all hours they work on the job.

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