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Rights to remember

Apprentices have the right:

To employment for the duration of their contract of training

A contract of training is a legally binding contract for both employment and training. The contract specifies the term or duration of the contract and the contract remains in force for that period unless agreed otherwise.

Not to be sacked or terminated without the approval of the relevant state apprenticeship authority

State legislation requires the approval of the relevant apprenticeship authority before an apprentice can be sacked (except within the probationary period)

The contract can be mutually cancelled , but BOTH you and your employer must agree. If you are sacked, even in your probationary period contact the union straight away.

To training and work that is appropriate to the job

The training and work that an apprentice is asked to do must contribute to the achievement of a qualification specified in the contract.

To be provided with real training

Apprentices are entitled to real training provided by an approved or registered training organisation (RTO). Lists of approved RTO's are available from the NTIS website at

To payment for work and training

An apprenticeship is just another form of employment and apprentices are entitled to all the benefits of employment like wages, sick leave, annual leave, and penalty rates.

To join and be active in a union

Apprentices are entitled to the protection of union. The AMWU provides heavily discounted membership for apprentices.