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Losing your job

Terminating an apprenticeship

Your apprenticeship cannot be cancelled or suspended without the approval of the state training authority.

Usually the state training authority will approve if both the apprentice and the employer agree to the termination.

Mutual agreement means that the apprentice genuinely agrees to the termination of their Training Contract and that there was no coercion, duress and or harassment involved in cancelling or suspending the apprenticeship. If one party (usually the apprentice) does not agree to cancellation and or suspension, this will usually go to the relevant state apprentice dispute process.

Click here to see details of the relevant state/territory dispute processes.

During your apprenticeship you may agree to a transfer of your apprenticeship to another employer, this maybe arranged by application to the State Training Authority. When approved the original terms of the apprenticeship will follow to the new employer and you should be able to simply continue your apprenticeship from where you left it with your original employer, please note there is no new probationary period.

If your employer sells the business to someone else, your Training Contract goes to the new employer.

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