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Joining the Union

What being in the union means to you
Being in the Union means:

  1. You earn more money It's a fact that union members earn between 15-25% more than non union workers.
  2. Your workplace is safer Statistics support that you're less likely to suffer from injury working in an AMWU workplace.
  3. You know your rights AMWU members are always ahead of the game because they know their rights.
  4. You’ll never stand alone If you join the AMWU, you will be one of 130,000 plus workers working in a range of industries.
  5. You have more say The AMWU stands up for what matters to you in your working life.
  6. In sickness and in health If you're injured at work, we are there to help you with your medical and legal needs.
  7. You get respect No worker should be bullied or harassed. You deserve respect and the AMWU makes sure you get it.
  8. We fight for your rights Superannuation, paid maternity leave, more apprenticeships, shorter working hours, securing your entitlements, protecting your future, unfair dismissals, keeping jobs in Australia ..... the list goes on. The AMWU is at the forefront of these campaigns.
  9. You improve your advantage Employers have their own organisations to advance their interests. The best way to protect yourself and advance your interests is to join the AMWU.
  10. You get it back in tax Your union fees buy you all of that and they're tax deductible.

Join Today
Every worker - part-time, full-time, casual, temporary, apprentice, trainee or individual contract - can join a union. The easiest way to join is to visit or call 1300 732 698.

Join our Network
Keep up to date with the latest news about apprenticeships and skilled jobs. Speak to the AMWU Helpdesk to find out more.

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