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Like any other employee your wages and conditions of employment are protected by industrial legislation. Your basic rights and conditions are set out in the National Employment Standards. Your industry award will set out for you in more detail all your employment conditions. Some workplaces have a collective agreement which may also apply to you.

You also have rights that are laid out in your Training Contract. Your Training Contract and the Training Plan that goes with it are important documents, so you need to make sure you don’t lose them.

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Finding employment

To find an employer contact your local Australian Apprenticeship Centre. These one stop shops provide information for those seeking to hire or take up an Australian apprenticeship.

Australian Apprenticeships Centres also provide information which may assist employers and/or Australian Apprentices with Australian Apprenticeships placements. Australian Apprenticeships Centres will be able to refer such enquiries to appropriate organisations such as Job Placement Organisations and Group Training Organisations who will be able to assist them with their enquiries

Skills Register


The AMWU run a skills register to make sure local workers get a chance at jobs before employers import workers on temporary 457 visas.

By registering with this list, you are helping yourself and supporting the AMWU's ongoing campaign in support of Australian jobs.

Sign up here: Skills Register and be part of the online database for skilled workers in Australia.