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AMWU Better Wages Survey

AMWU Better Wages Apprentice Survey

In 2012 we conducted an extensive survey of 545 apprentices across the manufacturing trades. The survey provided insight into the issues and circumstances affecting apprentices including income and expenses, training patterns, and opinions about their apprenticeship.

Our survey highlighted the most significant issue being ‘Low apprentice pay rate’.  Most of all apprentices had considered quitting their apprenticeship, with 35 per cent citing low pay as the reason, 20 per cent complained about a lack of proper mentoring, 19 per cent cited poor quality training and 14 per cent explained the burden of travel to work or TAFE.


The key issues formed as part of our union's claim for improved wages and conditions at our Fair Work Commission case.


Alarming Facts
•    A majority of apprentices reported that they were required to use their own vehicle for transport, or as part of their apprenticeship.
•    More than 40% of apprentices attending  block release  training and more than 50% of apprentices attending day release are not fully reimbursed for their travel and acommodation costs.
•    42% of apprentices are not aware of the industrial instrument that underpins their wages and conditions.

If you are an apprentice and  any of the above points relate to you call us today to find out how you can secure a better deal at work.

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