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About the Campaign

The unions FWA case to secure a better deal for apprentices:

The AMWU has a long history of fighting for a strong viable manufacturing industry. Our claim to improve apprentice wages and conditions continues this tradition. Our union has put a case to the Fair Work Commission to improve Apprentices, Trainees and Juniors wages and conditions across our industries.

The claim is made at a time when the manufacturing industry faces a shortage of engineering skills and when apprenticeships are seen as a less valuable option for school leavers.

The case commenced on the 4th March and will run through to May 2013.  The Full Bench of the Commission will hear arguments from unions, employers and the government about securing a better deal for apprentices.

The AMWU has received responses from over 545 apprentices. These apprentices told us about their circumstances, including their living expenses, home life, skills and training on the job, wages and conditions and their general views and expectations of their apprenticeship. Apprentices want to be given relevant work and proper training. They don’t want to be used as cheap labour.

The following important claims are made in the AMWU application:

•    To lift award rates of pay ranging from 3% to 19%

•    To lower the age of an adult apprentice from 21 to 20

•    To secure reimbursement for travel and other related expenses such as excess travelling time, meal, travel and accommodation


These key issues formed part of our union’s claim for improved wages and conditions at our Fair Work Commission case.

Join our union in securing better wages and conditions for apprentices. Our failure to attract and retain more apprentices will seriously compromise the manufacturing industries future. Join our campaign by signing our online petition, telling your employer union to support our claim.