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Union Wins Pay Rise for Future Generations

Your Union has won wage increases for apprentices, including adult apprentices. The Industrial Commission has accepted the Union’s arguments. Thank you again to the 500 plus apprentices who filled out our survey or made a statement to the Commission. You have helped not only yourselves, but future generations of apprentices.

The Union also achieved improved conditions, with the Commission confirming the Union’s view of existing entitlements, for example, an employer not being able to dismiss an apprentice during their apprenticeship unless the apprentice or State Training Authority agrees.

The decision handed down from Fair Work Australia sends a clear message. If we want to make trade training appealing and address our skill shortages we need to provide apprentices with decent conditions and liveable wages. There is still more to do and we ask you to continue working with us to improve wages and conditions.

The wage increases will generally only apply to apprentices commencing an apprenticeship from January 2014 however the Union will be visiting your workshop, seeking that the increases are available to current apprentices.

Take a look at the attachments below to find the wage increase relevant to you. Also available is a summary of the FWC decision;

• A first year adult apprentice pay will go from $549.10 to $579.60- a wage increase of 5.6%
Other conditions won include

▪ Moving through the stages of the apprenticeship as soon as competency is achieved,
AND being paid for it instead of waiting for the new year to get paid

▪ Training or exams occurring in or outside of an apprentice’s usual hours to be considered as time worked

▪ Payment of travel costs when attending block training which requires an overnight stay

▪ Reimbursement or payment of training fees within 6 months of commencing an apprenticeship or each stage of the apprenticeship

▪ Payment for textbooks

▪ No forced overtime or shift-work that clashes with your training

To find out more call us today. We are encouraging all our members to contact us to ensure they get their pay rise today, don’t wait until 2014 or 2015.
Join your union today to find out how we can achieve this. Call 1300 732 698.

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